Tribal Expansion and Ascension Movement

TEAM work makes the dream work. Join the tribe at BJY.

The TEAM at BJY was created to unite a community of change makers, light warriors and conscious entrepreneurs to share their gifts of knowledge and expand their breadth of life transforming practices through education and participation. This program is designed to expand the personal development of sustainable and synergistic life skills of each individual on the TEAM while advocating and supporting the lessons, curriculum and offerings for the individual TEAM member.

TEAM is an organic movement that started as BJY began to expand their community of teachers, elders and specialists with the development of Kaan Ku.The wellspring of possibilities to educate and engage others on this ascending path arose with excitement. TEAM creates the opportunity for members to get a quick, in-depth, and hands on education in a different area of interest. It allows TEAM members to access whole life skills, knowledge and practices in natural building, regenerative farming, renewable energy and more, while participating in the profound vision quests and Maya rituals that are a part of our holistic land stewardship process.

TEAM is about collaboration in community, expansion in ascension. The TEAM provides our tribe an opportunity to give and receive on the sacred ground at BJY.

Join TEAM now

The way it works is simple. TEAM members make a non-contractual, verbal commitment to hosting with BJY every 1-3 years. In consideration of the TEAM members annual commitment, Belize Jungle Yoga will provide all-inclusive access for food and accommodations at any Ka'an K'uh Team Initiative. Each BJY TEAM Initiative is a short 2 day immersion and will include both classroom and field sessions of real sustainable development projects at Ka'an K'uh. TEAM gets your hands in the dirt and your heart in the minds of a community planting seeds for the future. The best part is, this will bring you and your tribe back to our jungle paradise to see the fruits of your labor at our beautiful new eco resort Ka'an K'uh. Be part of paradise!

The best part: all dates for the 2020 Kaan Ku Initiatives will be scheduled before or after TEAM member retreats.

BJY is building an diverse and amazing community of thought leaders by creating some great partnerships for these projects. The potency of these collaborations is truly one of a kind and it is such a blessing to create these opportunities. This provides several great practical and professional advantages.

Projects already planned in 2020 include:

  • Kaan Ku Water Initiative. Learn how to identify a property’s best access points for water collection and distribution and see how these factors go into the formula for planning sustainable crop production and land use. Close the 2 day immersion with a Maya Water Ritual.

    Date: January 2020

  • Kaan Ku Yoga Deck. This will be a fun course in natural building. The deck will be made of all natural woods from Belize. This event will coincide with the ceremonious final day of construction and will include a Maya Moon Ceremony and Tribal Dance on the new deck!

    Date: February 2020

  • Kaan Ku Farms Regeneration Initiative. Farming and Rituals of the Sacred Maya Plant- Experience Kaan Ku Farms first cacao planting in 2020. Take a quick dive into regenerative farming practices and immerse in Maya rituals celebrating the wondrous plant and sacred fruit of cacao.

    Date: March 2020

  • Kaan Ku Solar Immersion. Learn how to track sun patterns and basic knowledge about solar electricity on the install of the first solar energy system at Kaan Ku. Conclude the immersion by participating in the Maya Sun Ritual.

    Date: April  2020

How You Grow

TEAM members receive:

  • BJY organic threads TEAM gift set

  • Brand representation on social media

  • $500 rebate on retreats up to 6 days

  • $1000 rebate on retreats over 7 days

  • Listed on BJY website with link to TEAM member website

  • 2-3 night food and accommodations at BJY Initiative prior to hosting your retreat

  • Access to BJY professional photos taken during the Initative, focusing on TEAM member participation to produce content images for TEAM members own brands.

  • Great cross marketing opportunities with radical lifestyle Brands

Application is available for any yoga, pilates or wellness professional. We look forward to connecting with you.