Belize Jungle Yoga Retreat Center is rooted in the heart of the Maya empire. Nestled on top of the hills in the remote western village of Rancho Dolores. The village is rich in Maya history and legend. The village even takes its name from the bride, Dolores, whom settled the area with the Aztec emperor, Montezuma, from Mexico.  Belize Jungle Yoga operates the farm and retreat center on 108 magical acres of that same sacred land, the grounds of of which are filled with rose quartz. It is surrounded by Programme For Belize. 254,000 acres of environmentally protected land connecting our backyard with Rio Bravo Conservation Management Area. The RBCMA is one of the most ecologically diverse conservation areas in the world with 392 bird species, 200 tree species, and 70 mammal species; some of the most conserved, fascinating and exotic species in the world. The area is also covered with thousands of ancient Maya archeological sites.  PFB was established in 1988 due in part to the governance of then Minister Earl “Bob Rancho” Perez, the father of Belize Jungle Yoga founder and 3rd generation Maya healer, Natalie Perez-Hayden. Mr Perez and his wife Rosamond have been developing the family farm and estate in Rancho Dolores since that time. Bob Rancho Perez is a first generation Mayan Belizean, his ancestors founded the village which was the only area to have families from all three types of Maya; Yucatec, Mopan, and Ketchi. Through extraordinary efforts the families have realized their ancestors greatest dreams in creating the home of Belize Jungle Yoga.