Belize Jungle Yoga began in 2008 when founders, Matt and Natalie Hayden, built their first home on the family estate that is currently the Belize Jungle Yoga Retreat Center. It was a year later in 2009 when Matt and Natalie purchased a neighboring property that the vision was clear: a flow, a farm, flowers, food, medicine, yoga, healing, love. Kaan Ku.

In 2013 they opened Body Mind and Core. Natalie dove into the life of a yoga studio owner. Their farm, family, and studio continued to grow. Natalie continued to train and study but perpetually felt herself “burnt-out”. Their dream for the lifestyle resort seemed far away. To manifest their greatest vision from a raw jungle seemed at times, overwhelming. However, every time they returned from Belize- from a retreat, a training, or working on the land- a knowing returned. The lessons, the raw nature and humanity, the connection and understanding they received in these sacred spaces would remind them what they already knew. These lessons are the difference between rising or falling, ascension or descension, living or dying. They would return to the purpose, peace and balance for which they strived in their life and in the lives of others on planet Earth. They realized that accessing this innate wisdom became effortless as they worked and aspired to manifest a higher reality and live a life, bigger than themselves, yet full of self love. They understood how rich the process is and knew the importance of sharing the experience with the world.

The vision for Belize Jungle Yoga, came to Natalie as she awoke to the magic of nature, and the mystery of the jungle; as she remembered what her ancestors and village life taught her. It became clear to her as she walked the rose quartz filled pastures of her family land and grew from understanding the great need, teachers and healers, have for sacred space. Belize Jungle Yoga is that sacred ground and Natalie has made it your sacred space.

Come along on the ascension and rise up with Belize Jungle Yoga, as they journey ceremoniously from Lu’un to Ka’an, creating a lifestyle resort on the neighboring hills at Ka'an K'uh. Join us as we uncover ancient Mayan sites, and reach new heights in the jungle of Belize.